What is the Bioscan-Hair Sample Project?

Updated 8/26/23


We do not give medical advice. Articles published here are not to be considered as a replacement for a qualified medical doctor’s advice. If you have an issue with a physical ailment that is in any kind of a critical state, please immediately seek qualified medical attention.

The BIOSCAN Project is a particularly critical component of the Proof of Concept (PoC) study. A group of Early Adopters stepped up to participate in the monthly/bi-monthly study, with the talented Darlene championing the BioScan testing process. The tests show true data on the quantum physics level and are essential to our PoC study. Follow along, as Darlene analyses a QHS Members collected data and presents the results. 


Yes, with that said we will move in a more positive direction. People around the world dislike standard medical care. Medicines are palliative – meaning they handle the crisis - pain management, antibiotics, and the like and are necessary today. Do these medicines address the core cause though? Nine times out of ten they do not. They do provide relief from symptoms. Today, we automatically reach for these remedies. Even though we do nott like it.

People also do not like taking “supplements” to manage poor diets, and poor systemic health. Supplements, or vitamins, or nutritional drinks, whatever you call it are not far down the spectrum from “medicine.” Why is it necessary to swallow a pill when the human body has the ability to heal?

Using frequencies to heal everything is the target we are aiming for. When we have this Quantum Twine Wave Effect® perfected, with the interface, with the optimum integration (meaning the devices – delivery method), we have a HOME RUN. When we have the QTWave solidly in use, with a proven track-record for a sustained window of time, demonstrating the benefits of Quantum Twine Wave Effect® to heal EVERYTHING, at core, and with palliative aid, we have achieved all that we intend. We are not there yet.

Vitamins and supplements do help. Darlene has thoroughly demonstrated this over the past year that she has been doing these Member Hair Sample tests. The efficacy of the vitamins and supplements taken seems to be enhanced with the QTWave. This was an interesting find over the past year.

That said, consider the discussion that Darlene has relating to Members she has tested; to be the advice of someone that has been doing frequency testing for almost 20 years. She is a pro at this. Darlene has a solid education and experience as a foundation to give this advice. We have discovered that Members who follow her suggestions do feel better. Her advice is typical. Common sense that is well-founded and researched in the nutritional health community. You will be well-advised to take a suggestion or two from these excellent discussions.

Thank you, Darlene, for VOLUNTEERING here at QHS and sharing your wise advice with us all!

The Six Phases

1. Excretion Phase -- The body tries to rid itself of toxins using fluids, vomiting, sweating, diarrhea, sneezing, runny nose.

2. Inflammation Phase -- The body generates a fever to aid healing.

3. Deposition Phase -- The body begins storing toxins in the body’s tissues as a means of detoxification, which can propel the body into cellular disease. Usually, the toxins look for fatty tissue to hunker down, the brain being our fattiest organ often endures the most of many toxins.

4. Impregnation Phase -- Toxins in the body are surrounded as a means of the body trying to defend itself against them, storing toxins at a cellular level.

5. Degeneration Phase -- Damage to cells causes the body to start to become ill.

6. Dedifferentiation Phase -- The body starts to break down because genetic control mechanisms are damaged.

Homotoxicology Chart

Homotoxicology is the science of toxins and their removal from the human 

The software used for the BioScan testing process is designed around the Homotoxicology Six-Phase Table that was created by Dr. Hans-Heinrich Gustav, MD. The information in the table is based on 60 years of proven data showing if inflammation is present and left unchecked then autoimmune diseases can progress.

The QHS Bioscan Project is not accepting new participants.  To find a practitioner in your area, go to: https://www.ihtbio.com/find-a-bioscan-practitioner/

The Bioscan Project email is:  bioscan@qtwe.net

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