Where Do I Take the Survey?

Updated 10/19/23

Surveys Help Us Assess Our Devices

Our goal is to conduct thorough research to make the benefits of frequency irrefutable and accessible to all. These surveys play a HUGE roll in this process and your participation is vital!

In roughly 10 minutes, you will provide essential information about the effects of this quantum community and devices. We ask that you don't over think your responses and answer from the heart. Thanks for playing such a meaningful role in this revolutionary research.

After you login to your account

1. From the main menu, click “Research Participation"

2. From the dropdown menu, click “Survey

3. From the Survey page, click “Take a Survey

After you complete your 1st survey:

• During the first month, you will receive a reminder email once a week to take the survey again.

• Starting the second month, you will receive a reminder email once a month to take the survey again.

By taking the follow-up survey’s this helps with the research of this proof-of-concept study. 

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