Why is My Credit Card Not Working or is Being Declined?

Updated 10/17/23

Note:  Transactions can only be done from the website. Not available on the mobile app: cell phone, tablets or any other mobile device.

Even though QHS does not offer “Technical Support”, if you have a challenge with your credit card entry, or your credit card is repeatedly declined, here are some suggestions that have worked for other members.

Is Your Internet Browser Page ‘Stuck/Spinning’ during Processing?

Possible solutions:

• Disable your VPN, if you use one.

• If you are using an Apple product: MAC, iPhone, or iPad, and are using Safari as your internet browser, try using a different browser like Brave, Google, or FireFox.

• Disable any pop-up blockers. If you use Chrome, you can search “Blocker” in FAQs or you can search the internet for “How Do I Disable Pop-up Blockers for [input your search engine] “.

• You may have to delete your cookies and cache. Again, search for instructions for your specific browser.

Why is My Credit Card Declined?

Possible solutions:

  • Is there enough available funds on your credit/debit card?
  • Call the bank to see if you have a soft daily limit on your card.
    • For your protection, many financial institutions put a daily limit on your card without you knowing it.
    •  The provider also might limit “online transactions” as another safety measure.     In this instance call your bank/credit card provider to manage this.
  • Try a different card.
  • Turn off your VPN.
  • Change the browser app you are using.
  • Save https://quantumhealingsystems.org as a ‘Safe Site’ and allow cookies from this IP address.
  • “Disable cookies”

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