Do RFID/EMF Blockers, Grounding Devices, Metals Interfere With QTWave?

Updated 10/17/23

A grounding pad, or blanket, is not something Dr. Alfredo is familiar with. There are a hundred thousand plus products claiming to work with "frequency". Many use the name Tesla in their title. Dr. Alfredo is 100% in full commitment and understanding of the Quantum Twine Wave Effect and the devices that he and Wade are producing.

For all the rest he simply asks you to err on the side of safety and leave off anything that might interfere with the QTWave. Why mix this multiple technologies when you don't have to. Please take your role here with commitment and don't skew results.

We're looking for happy results!

  • RFID will block frequencies. DO NOT PLACE your QTWave in an RFID purse.
  • EMF blockers of any sort such as stickers placed on phones, clothing, or antenna can pose an issue.
  • Anything emitting frequencies can interfere with the QTWave.
  • If you use EMF, keep it at least 2 feet away from device.

Update 10/13/2023: Dr. Alfredo started out with a challenge with wearing metal with the QTWave. Since then he's gone through many upgrades. Today there is no challenge with any metal. No challenge with any devices. No challenge with any implants. The Quantum Twine Wave Effect will go where it needs to go and do what it needs to do. Results can be immediate and can take up to a year. The new white QTWave is 8000 x's more powerful than the previous and has been reported just that, A MIRACLE. 

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