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Our QHS Beautiful Gifts shop is hosted by Shopify.com. This website uses Printify and Printful who custom print with our logo and designs on their merchandise, at our selection. All items are shipped one-off by these vendors. These are not traditional bulk-orders. For this reason QHS has no control over when products ship. There are no printed product catalogs. The only catalog is found online at the ShopQHS store.

Because these products come from different vendors, shipping rates can be different as well. Not all items may ship from the same vendor, so each may add their own shipping charge.

If you get a "Shipping Error" message when attempting to check out, please send your name and email to <support@qtwe.net> and we will fix the shipping issue.

If you receive the wrong product, please take pictures of this product lying on a flat surface in a well-lit area, including the packing slip. Send the picture in an email to <support@qtwe.net> with the Subject: Wrong Item Shipped. Once we receive this information, we will work with the vendor to get the correct product shipped to you.

Note:  Due to the complications involved, we cannot offer returns or refunds if you order an incorrect size or item.

We hope you enjoy wearing and using our QHS Beautiful Gifts! This is something we decided to do as a THANK YOU to our Members and Donors, for all of the people that would like to remember this time in history with more than just the QTWave device. A t-shirt, a jacket, or shorts, a notebook or coffee cup, with the QHS logo, describing Frequency is Everything was exactly what was called for.

Thank you for making this most important QHS Project possible! 

Access the QHS Shop please use this link  shopqhs.quantumhealingsystems.org

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