Login Issues: Unable to Login; Cannot Remember Password

Updated 10/21/23

Most Members have no problems logging into their account. If you are one of the few who is experiencing and issue, here are some options to try.

  • Turn off or disable your VPN.
  • Try an alternate browser.
  • Disable pop up blockers.
  • Try resetting your password by clicking on ‘Forgot Password’ on the login screen.
    • Input your Quantum Healing Systems account email and a password reset email will be sent to you. This may take up to 15 minutes.
    • Please check junk/spam folders for email from support@qtwe.net or quantumhealingsystems.org

******To check and confirm if  you are on a VPN or not (sometimes folks may have it on without knowing) please go to;

https://www.ipqualityscore.com/ip-reputation-check This site will both check the reputation of your public IP address as well as if it's through a VPN/proxy connection or not

If none of these options work, please seek support at: support@qtwe.net

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