How to Charge the QTWave

UPDATED: 10/21/23

If your device is not charging, here are some possible solutions.

1. Please try a different outlet

• Sometimes the outlet itself is not functioning well or the ground may have been tripped.

2.  Check the cable to make sure it is undamaged (no cuts or exposed wires)

3. Please try another charging adapter. Here are some guidelines:

• DO NOT use a charger with more than 5 volts, or 3 amp of power. This could damage the QTWave.

• DO NOT use a “FAST” charger (9V, 12V). This could damage the QTWave

• Fast charging can generate more heat than regular charging, which can cause the device to become hot and potentially overheat the internal circuitry. Additionally, fast charging can cause a small amount of wear and tear on the battery, which can lead to a decrease in battery life over time.

4. If you live outside of the United States, you will use the USB cable by plugging the cable into your country's adapter. Be sure that this plug is for less than 1.5 Amps.

Pic: This is the standard charger sent with the QTWave


• The volts and amps will be printed on near the prongs of the power adapter. Below shows a USA adapter that produces 5 volts and 2 amps

• Due to supply chain issues and demand for QTWaves, your device may have been shipped with a 1 amp, or a 2 amp, or a 3 amp charger. These are all safe to use. Per Wade, the fastest safe charging will occur with a 3 amp charger at 5 volts. For those needing or wanting to replace their power adapter, an internet search for “5v 3a USB power supply” will provide some options for purchase.

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