Qi Project/Qi Project Access from the QHS Website

UPDATED: 1/10/24

The Qi Workbook is accessible from member accounts. After log in, the Qi Project link is at the top of the page, in the site links. 

Here is some important information about the Zoom Qi Project calls. 

1. Zoom is different now and you must have your own personal zoom account and be logged into your own acct and then click on the link for the Qi Project meetings/webinar.

2. Qi Project website.  https://quantumhealingsystems.org/qi-app

3. If you use a VPN  disable it to join a Zoom meeting.

4. Whatever device you are using make sure you have pop-up blocker disabled.  (Search on the Internet for how to disable pop-up blocker depending on which device you are using.)

Replays are also added to the Qi Project website on a regular basis.

The link below takes you to the Qi Chronicle’s page where you will find links to the YouTube Play lists.


Questions can be addressed to the Qi Project Team at the following email address:  qi@qtwe.net

Members can join a Qi telegram channel from the Qi page to be a volunteer. 

Since these are ZOOM meetings/webinars here are some instructions on using Zoom on a cell phone and computer:

Using zoom on a cell phone


Using zoom on a computer


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