QTWave Instructions

Updated 10/22/23

The QTWave scans the body, weak frequencies in every organ, every cell, in every one of the body's Systems are scanned. Any weak "feminine frequencies" are countered with a balancing "masculine frequency" twined tightly together, then delivered back into the body. This is the Quantum Twine Wave Effect, a proprietary program exclusively found here, and only in use in this proof-of-concept study trial. The Quantum Twine Wave Effect is reminding every cell of your body to be perfect. The body remembers. It is a wakeup call to heal the Body. Mind, and Spirit!

All ownership of this Proof-of-Concept Study is held by Divine Scripture, a Nonprofit Private Member Association supporting trial studies of the Quantum Healing Systems and the QTWave®.


• The QTWave® is white, oval shaped with a logo sticker on the front, lanyard hole at the top and charging port on the bottom and serial number stickers on the back.  These numbers are needed to register your device online at https://quantumhealingsystems.org/devices#

Basic Charging Instructions:

The QTWave® is a rechargeable device, made with a battery like those found in Android and Apple cell phones and charged with a USB C cable (included). Each charge lasts as long as 2 days and takes about 45 minutes to be fully charged. We recommend charging it daily.

The device has three settings.

  1. OFF: circle symbol -  top setting closest to lanyard hole
  2. Dark Mode: On with no light - straight line symbol, middle setting
  3. ON: On with solid green light - line with rays symbol, bottom closest to sticker

While device is charging:
  • The light will flash near the charging port when switch is in any of the 3 positions. 

When device is fully charged: 
  • If switch is OFF or in DARK MODE, no light will show. 
  • If switch is ON the light will turn solid green/blue and stop flashing. 
  • If light is orange in color, the device needs charging.

There is no sensation such as vibration. Many can feel the QTWave® though. The quantum frequency is running 24/7 doing the work of balancing frequencies throughout your body. 

Listen to your body and wear it as long as it allows. All day, every day is fine. Sleep with it under your pillow. As long as the QTWave® is within 10 to 24” of your body, it is working on you.

Video Instructions: How to Charge the White Device https://youtu.be/26gorGT3XgQ


This QTWave® is designed by Dr. Alfredo and manufactured by MDS/Wade. Now in full “Production Mode” this device is in 6th generation of production and is expected to be very substantial and without failure.

This is a Proof-of-Concept trial study and not regular "retail production".  We do stand behind our technology and will return/replace faulty devices within 90 days, as long as there has been normal use.  All Returns are inspected prior to Replacement. 

  • Device replacement will occur if it is determined to be a fault of manufacturing.
  • If your device has been damaged through abuse, there will be no replacement.
    • Being dropped
    • Get wet for any reason: swimming, washing, dropped in water, rain, etc. 

Please take care of this precious device.

Please communicate any replacement need with: support@qtwe.net


If the light doesn’t show when the USB charger is connected:

• Please try a different outlet

• Please try a different cable

• This uses a “USB C” cable, similar to ones used on cell phones.

• Please try a different charger

• Your charger should be a 5V (5 volts) only, and nothing more powerful than 3A (3 amps).

DO NOT USE A FAST CHARGING ADAPTER. The fast charger may damage the device.

• Fast charging can generate more heat than regular charging, which can cause the device to become hot and potentially overheat the internal circuitry. Additionally, fast charging can cause a small amount of wear and tear on the battery, which can lead to a decrease in battery life over time.

• To determine whether you have a fast charging adapter cube, look between the prongs where you plug it into the outlet. In fine print , if it lists 9V and/or 12V, then that is a fast charger. Do not use that charger.

After trying a different power outlet, cable and/or charging adapter please contact QHS at support@qtwe.net

NOTE: The QTWave® program remains intact even when the device is fully powered off. It simply resets.


Because the white QTWave model is new, if there are failures this is of great interest to both Wade and Dr. Alfredo. Please return the device immediately, for any reason. 

All QTWave ®  Device Returns can be managed through either the website or mobile applications. 

After you login

1. Click on "My Device"

2. Click on "Manage Device

3. Click on "Return"

  • Device must be registered before the Return option will show
4. Complete the "Return Your Device" form

5. Device replacement will occur if it is determined to be a fault of manufacturing. If this device has been damaged through abuse, dropped, washed in the machine, whatever, there will be no replacement.

Website Video Instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqmHxfF4iPQ

Mobile App Video Instructionshttps://youtu.be/6dwghenu9BE

ALL QUESTIONS ABOUT THE QTWave® should be directed to: support@qtwe.net


NOTE:  For very desperate cases, Dr. A recommends only two devices be used at any one time. Always on opposite sides of the body (front and back – or left and right side of the body).


  • Charge the device daily for optimum output.
  • DR A ALWAYS SAYS, “LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.” Your body will tell you when something needs to change. For instance, if you’re taking blood pressure medication, you have to monitor your blood pressure to note if it’s dropping too low. You don’t want to pass out while driving, or another instance that could harm you or others. Pay attention to your body.
  • If you have sudden pain when first using the QTWave,® this may be an indication of the toxic state your body is in. Don’t use the QTWave® for an extended time. Take it off and leave it in another room. This might be an indication that your body needs time acclimating. Use it sparingly at first. This should get better and better. Many with neuropathy, for instance, have pain that dissipates over a couple of weeks. Your body will tell you what is needed. There is no recipe for healing.


• Wear QTWave 24 hours a day/7 days a week

• Keep QTWave within 2 feet of your body

• There is no sensation for most wearing the QTWave, no tingle, no heat, and no feeling of power

• The QTWave is working quietly, and as reported by most, miraculously on every ailment, every weak signal it identifies on your body

• If placed between you and your mate in bed, you both benefit from the Quantum Twine Wave Effect

• Keep your QTWave away from water.  The device is not waterproof.

• The QTWave will not interfere with pacemakers, or any metal in the body

• The QTWave will not replace medication.  Continue under doctor’s care and measure for change in the body/body chemistry/blood, etc.

• Some have found it helpful to start more slowly and build up over time. Let your body be your guide.


Carry your QTWave securely.  We recommend a lanyard, or a pouch, similar to the Stashbandz on Amazon. 


PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL TO:  Support@qtwe.net  

Subject Line: Request a call

Please explain the purpose of this call and a Support Agent will make arrangements for a call. 

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