How to Return My QTWave for Replacement

Update 10/22/23

  • A device that stops working within 90 days of when you started using it can be replaced. 
  • If your device stops working because it was mishandled (gets wet or was dropped and breaks) it is not eligible replacement.

1. Log into your account 

2. Click on ‘Dashboard’ if you are not automatically taken there.

3. Click on ‘My Devices

4. Scroll down to “Your Devices

5. Click on ‘Manage Device’ for the device you need to return.

6. Scroll down to ‘Other Options’.

7. Click on ‘Return’ .

  • NOTE: The return link is only visible for devices that have been registered to the member.  

8. Complete the ‘Why are you returning the device?’ section.

9. Click the box if it is a black QTWave you need to return. 

10. Click ‘Submit

11. Processing will review your request and email you with instructions upon approval of the request.

Video instructions for website version

Video instructions for Mobile App version

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