How to Charge the White QTWave

Updated 10/22/23

Basic Charging Instructions:

The QTWave® is a rechargeable device, made with a battery like those found in Android and Apple cell phones and charged with a USB C cable (included). Each charge lasts as long as 2 days and takes about 45 minutes to be fully charged. We recommend charging it daily.

The device has three settings.

OFF: circle symbol - top setting closest to lanyard hole

Dark Mode: On with no light - straight line symbol, middle setting

ON: On with solid green light - line with rays symbol, bottom closest to sticker

While device is charging:

The light will flash near the charging port when switch is in any of the 3 positions.

When device is fully charged:

  • If switch is OFF or in DARK MODE, no light will show.
  • If switch is ON the light will turn solid green/blue and stop flashing.
  • If light is orange in color, the device needs charging.

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